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Bundu Bashers Tours
Bundu Bashers provides tours to various national parks and areas of interest in and around Utah, Arizona, Nevada and more. Their website was redesigned from a static series of pages to a collection of database driven scripts. Loading the tour details into a database allowed us to present the information in a number of different ways. Tour titles, prices, and descriptions are now disseminated onto the home page, tour details pages, tour listing pages, calendars, and something called the "EZ Tour Finder". An extensive set of administrative tools were built to allow the client to change the tour information, add new tours or delete old ones, set pricing, and more. When a change is made to a tour, the information is automatically updated everywhere it appears on the site.

The "EZ Tour Finder" appears on the left of each page, and enables customers to quickly find the type of tour they are looking for. The user chooses their starting city, destination, means of travel and length and is instantly shown a list of matching tours. The EZ Tour Finder is accomplished with JavaScript, but the script and the information itself is generated from the database. This ensures that all the information is current and accurate. A short description of each tour is displayed when a user hovers their mouse over the link.

At the top of each page is a list of languages. The site will automatically choose an appropriate language based on the country you access it from, or you can choose a language to view the site in. The administrative backend provides limited access for translators to directly enter translations for each language into the database.

The home page was built in a similar fashion to the EZ Tour Finder. All the tours and options are preloaded and the appropriate ones are displayed instantly when the user clicks on the tabs on the top and left of the page. The results are narrowed by drop down menus for some tabs that ask for the preferred starting city and means of transportation.

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