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9ViBe promotes independent music in a strictly unbiased way. Songs are presented to users in a random fashion. Users can then listen to samples and choose songs solely based on their merit.

The site was designed around the 9ViBe logo which features white concentric circles in the background. We experimented with all kinds of different bright colors and chose mostly greens and blues for our theme. The bright colors are used to pull attention to important areas of the page as they contrast greatly with the whites and grays that form the site's foundation.

The music page displays songs 20 at a time in a random fashion. A filter area near the top allows users to narrow their list of songs to a certain genre, region or keyword. Users can listen to 60 second samples through flash music players. They can "hold" songs they like to compare to others, or add them to the shopping cart to purchase.

Other features include an automated mailing list, a password protected administration area and a musician log in that allows musicians to add songs to the site.

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